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429: Matrix Percussion: The Proposal!
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Meet Zach and Alyssa, the couple that got engaged at finals, and hear them and Rob Ferguson relate the incredible story of how they pulled it off!

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428: Stress and Performance Anxiety
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Melissa Hatheway shares suggestions for managing these issues for better performances.

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427: DCI 2015 Premiere – First Timers vs. Longtime Fans
1435528183_1_DCI Movie 2015martjoshdan.jpg

We compare reactions from first time viewers to long-time drum corps fans at the cinema event.

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426: How the Bluecoats Design Their Electronics

Doug Thrower, Tom Rarick and Vince Oliver explain how they collaborate on the use of electronics when designing the shows.

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425: Judging Demystified- a New Version of the Judges Academy!
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There’s a new streamlined version of the Judges Academy coursework designed for directors, instructors, designers, parents, administrators, and marchers!

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424: Garfield Cadets ’85 Three-peat, Pt. 2

Stories about designing and teaching this championship show.  With George Hopkins, Michael Cesario, Thom Hannum, Michael Klesch, and Marc Sylvester.

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423: Garfield Cadets ’85 Thirtieth Anniversary

George Hopkins, Michael Cesario, Thom Hannum, Michael Klesch, and Marc Sylvester share behind the scenes stories of this year.

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422: Boston Crusaders 75th Anniversary

Three alumni discuss the history of the corps and events celebrating the anniversary this summer.  With Michael Woodall, Paul Ward, and Thompson Vou.

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421: Remembering Ed Warren
1433685788_1_Ed Warren Square.jpg

Dr. Joe Allison, Nola Jones, and John Phillips remember their friend, colleague and fellow adjudicator.

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420: DCI 2015 Drum Majors in Spring Training

Drum Majors from the Bluecoats, The Cadets, Carolina Crown and Crossmen talk to us from Spring Training about how the season is going so far.  With Willie Veenstra, Kendall Stevenson, Hunter Bown, and Caitlin Hall.

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