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372: Freakin’ Fast Podcast #16
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5 questions, 2 minutes each: Are DCI Shows Less Exciting / Epcot / Spices / BOA vs. DCI / Frozen

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Tone Deaf Comics
371: The Trend Toward Formalized Assessment in Music Education

The way that music educators are evaluated is changing, and on this podcast we discuss the pros and cons of these changes.

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Judges Academy
370: Take Time for Training

A reminder that time spent in basics and technique training pays huge dividends.

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Judges Academy
369: Big Bands vs. Small Bands

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each competitively, and which has the edge? With Trey Harris, Greg Basham, Joe Allison, Tim Hinton

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Judges Academy
368: Dealing with Staff- Large Personalities
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Strategies for dealing with challenging personalities on your staff.

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Judges Academy
367: More with the Blue Knights Design Staff- Trust and Patience

Part two of our conversation with Jay Bocook, Kevin Shah, and JC Caceres about designing the 2014 show.

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Six to Five Productions
366: That One Second with the Blue Knights Design Staff
1414621200_1_Blue Knights 2014 square.jpg

Jay Bocook, Kevin Shah, and JC Caceres discuss the creation of the 2014 show that captured “lightning in a bottle.”

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Six To Five Productions
365: Scouts Honor: Coming to a Theater Near You!
1414620927_1_Scouts Honor Logo.jpg

The documentary film about the Madison Scouts is finished and you can host a screening at a theater near you.

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Judges Academy
364: Follow-up on the ErgoSonic Bass Drum
1414620393_1_Ergosonic BlackDrum.jpg

The creator of the drum, Ken Turner, joins us to answer questions from the first podcast and tell us more about these innovative drums.

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Visaudio Designs
363: WGI Winds and Concert Band, Pt. 2
1414029771_1_wayne todd.jpg

More on the Winds Division and how it might impact concert programs.  With Wayne Markworth and Todd Tucker

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Etymotic Research
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