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Marching Roundtable Sponsorship Information

HatwbackgrdThe Marching Roundtable is an expansive educational network which includes multiple website platforms. Many of our listeners are highly motivated and engaged, listening to podcasts, taking coursework at the Judges Academy, searching in the Judges Registry, receiving bi-weekly newsletters, and interacting through Social Media. This very loyal audience pays attention to the businesses that are supporting the Marching Roundtable, and these listeners see and hear these business names and website information.  See the Advertising Contract for more information.

Website Advertisers

MarchingRoundtable.com has over 3,000 page views each month. These visitors are a very loyal and motivated audience. Many visit at least twice a week as new podcasts are released, and many more search our podcast archives and resources to listen to and download content. Our site is not just text content, but engages with podcasts and videos on many topics, bringing the top experts in the marching arts to our listeners 8 times a month.

Our very engaged audience includes over 1,200 “VIP” members who sign up to receive a bi-weekly newsletter about upcoming podcast topics and guests. This newsletter includes ads and links for all website advertisers, expanding the reach and value of these ads greatly. Plus all businesses with ads on the site are automatically added to our Resources area. Contact Tim for information about rates and availability.

Podcast Sponsorships

Podcast sponsorships stay with a podcast “for all time” and most of our listeners search often in our Archives to listen to previously released podcasts. Over 4,000 podcasts are downloaded each month from iTunes, and last month when 8 new podcasts were released, over 130 different podcasts were downloaded and listened to on iTunes alone! (Thousands more on our website and mobile app!)

The sponsor’s name and website are mentioned three times on the podcast, with a longer explanation of the business on the second mention. Sponsor names and links are located with the podcast on our website, mobile app, and newsletters, expanding the reach and value of the sponsorship greatly. Podcast sponsorships are $100, with a discount if you sign up for 5, 10, or more. All businesses which sign up for at least 3 podcast sponsorships are added to our Resources area for a year at no charge.


Many website visitors search in our Resources area and support businesses who support the Marching Roundtable. We offer businesses the option to include their business in this section for $250 per year. Anyone who sponsors at least 3 podcasts gets their business added here at no charge. And all website sponsors are included at no charge also. The ad includes a logo graphic, 50 word description, link URL and contact info. Be in touch with Tim for more information about this.

Contact Tim Hinton at Tim@MarchingRoundtable.com or at (407) 927-7765

Please see the Advertising Contract for more information.  This is a fillable form that you can send to us from this website.

You can also download and print out the Advertising Contract to mail in to us if you prefer.

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